Salamander Project

Greetings Fellows!

I come to you to present fragments of our main project’s story, so as well, some of it’s characters and their characteristics (physical, psychological, emotional, and so on).

We Still do not have a definitive name for the game, so I will call only as “Project Salamander”.

As the story is quite extensive, I’ll post fragments of it, so it does not get too much reading for a day.

In this post I will briefly introduce the game’s backstory, and soon I will give more details.

Here we go!

“It should be understood that there are secrets in the world which should not be revealed, so as exist doors which should not be opened …”

Gulmer, counselor master.

“About 800 years ago, a great master of the eastern citadel in the kingdom of Lothar, searched for a long time about the structure of the world, both visible and the invisible parts of it. His name was Medrow.

Ten years after the beginning of their research, the master made the greatest discovery of his life.

He found out that there are many other worlds beyond their own world – or rather, our world – that intertwine, and in certain places, share the same space.

He called these worlds dimensions.

These dimensions are in a different “frequency” of your world, so they are intangible.

The spaces that the dimensions divide, he called fissures.

Such fissures were invisible to ordinary and not trained eyes. They left only translucid mists almost imperceptible, and only in specific locations – exactly where the dimensions intertwined.

Medrow realized that they behaved as portals, and without much effort they could be used as shortcuts to travel considerable distances – like a door – within seconds someone could be in another place of his own world.

But these portals were limited to places where the fissures were located.

Unsatisfied with this limitation, Medrow created a pendant with a sphere from a fallen star fragment, in which he gave the name of “Wanderer Sphere.” He does not revealed much of this object and little is known about it.

The Wanderer Sphere allowed Medrow to create fissures anywhere he was, so he could travel through the mist to anywhere he wanted.

But what Medrow did not know is that there are worlds so dense and immersed in darkness, where its inhabitants are just creatures full of fury and hate.

An vile creature, of unpronounceable name in common language which came from the depths of one dimension immersed in dark and cold, was the sake of Medrow’s fall.

The creature was named “Chaos” by the elders, due his evil nature.

Chaos wished among all things to destroy all that was good in the world of Medrow. Using Nefarious means, he took possession of Medrow’s mind and opned a portal leading him to the eastern citadel.

Attacked by surprise, in the nightfall, they hardly had time to defend themselves.

Medrow’s body was superficially wounded, and as an extension of your rage destroyed everything and almost all of the citadel during the bloody confrontation.

Only a few managed to escape, in most, just apprentices. All masters were killed.

Guided by a desire for destruction, he went toward the kingdom of Lothar, whose inhabitants experienced an unspeakable horror…

They were cruelly attacked, with an intense cold, that frozen the blood in the veins of the lotharians.

The king of Lothar, Cordred, who has been trained and raised to master of the fire and flames, in western citadel, saw his people dying and had no other options unless defend his kingdom in a battle against the vile being.

The battle lasted the whole night.

The creature was defeated, but unfortunately has cost the king’s life.

Many people perished that night and, as the stories say, the only descendant of Cordred, lost his life, disrupting the lineage of the kings of Lothar.

The sphere was found and properly sealed in the western citadel, where it is expected to never be used again.

Many say it is just a story to scare mischievous kids. Others believe it is just a legend or a ramblings by an crazy old man exiled from the woods. If it is true? I can not assert it, but I hope it is not, because I could not imagine our world with such a creature.

But this is just what i hope…”

743 After Cordred, Ig.