Studio renovation

Behold the rebirth of an era.
The remote age of darkness websites is gone. Shout after one moon cycle of an arduous work in front of the magic “window”.

Delight yourself with the fruits of our labor and share with the outlanders of the kingdom.

We remade the entire website and the new logo to our studio.
We also improved the website to allow you to stay tuned in our progress and our aims.

It was a big effort from the whole team. We are very happy with the results and hope you like it too 😀

DreamBit – Introducing our Game Engine

Hello guys,

it’s been a while since we updated the blog, but we are committed to the game.

We made a video showing the last version of our game engine.

We already made a lot of changes and improvements in the engine and soon we’ll post a video of the new version.

Next step: Animation Editor! o/

Ignus – Design + speed painting

Hello guys, it’s Onix here again.

This time, I come to present you Ignus the Pyro Master.


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Ruber sketch

Hello my name is Claudio, and I am one of the artists who are working in this amazing project, and would like to show some ideas for the main character, with mixed references.


We are studying the best possible model for it to really represent the spirit of the whole team.

From now I’ll always turned to update the arts of the characters and scenarios, and read your reviews and opinions about the sketch that will be presented.

Auto Slicing

This week we started to test the first tool’s features that we will use to develop our engine for Action-RPG. The auto slicing of an image in multiple sprites by analysis of pixels.

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Salamander Project

Greetings Fellows!

I come to you to present fragments of our main project’s story, so as well, some of it’s characters and their characteristics (physical, psychological, emotional, and so on).

We Still do not have a definitive name for the game, so I will call only as “Project Salamander”.

As the story is quite extensive, I’ll post fragments of it, so it does not get too much reading for a day.

In this post I will briefly introduce the game’s backstory, and soon I will give more details.

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